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Newly signed client, Marcia Moran, is a breath of fresh air. Her stuff is just so easy to love.

My greatest struggle when getting ready to go out on a fancy date or to a nice occasion is deciding on the little details of my outfit. Dress picking, no problem. But when it comes to finding the perfect earrings to match, my mind goes a rye. Especially because I want to be comfortable, no matter the occasion. If what I’m wearing is going to pinch at me all night, sorry buddy but you’re being thrown in the “give away pile” (or sold on Etsy.) I can’t tell you how many times in the past I have regretted making a purchase simply due to the fact that they are a constant nuisance. Thankfully, I have managed to learn from my past wardrobe mistakes and am slowly building an empire of fantastic everyday options.

Now, speaking of everyday options, Marcia fits in perfectly as well. Sure, I usually leave the bigger pieces for special occasions, but sometimes I need some sprucing. That’s where Marcia jumps in. For those days where I know I’m meeting my worst enemy, I bring out the pieces that will make a nemesis quiver. Or the days where I need to mentally prepare myself for a big job or project, I throw on something that makes me feel like I could conquer anything. So to conclude my erratic ramble, check out this gorgeous line and let us know if you feel the same!

XO Rachel Meis Communications


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