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The great thing about Fall, is you can literally throw on a plethora of layering essentials, pick whichever pair of shoes you are feeling for the day, et voila! No shaving of the legs needed. No measuring the length of your shorts/skirts to make sure it’s appropriate for work. Just get up, throw on and go.

In Los Angeles, the weather does change year round (no matter what visitors say.) As September approaches, the mornings become a little chilly but the days still heat up as if it’s the beginning of June. So, although this is my least favorite thing about Southern California, always make sure you have something to warm you up sitting in the back seat of your car. As soon as the sun goes down, I’m grabbing for that distressed denim jacket.

Since Fall is the preferred time of year here at RMC, we have decided to start a whole new weekly topic. Once a week, we will be posting outfit inspiration to keep the wardrobe juices flowing. Hopefully, this helps cut down the time you spend standing in front of your closet at the crack of dawn.

XO Rachel Meis Communications

Jewelry used in this post is by our very own, dearly loved client LivHaley. Shirt, Jacket, Sweater J.Crew — Bra Free People — Shoes NastyGal— Jeans Madewell