The RMC Closet: Casual Work-Wear

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I think the great thing about L.A. is there are so many “casual” businesses. How often do you really see people in suits walking around?… Not so often. In other large cities, it’s business suit galore and that’s fine! Nothing wrong with it but sometimes it is so nice not to separate your work clothes from your casual clothes. It just gives a sense of comfort on so many levels. It’s more comfortable to talk to people who are dressed casually. I know I feel more comfortable working and running around on busy days and I’m sure others agree! Is this why so many people are moving to California from all over the country? 🙂


The other great thing about being able to dress casually to work is it is so affordable. It’s easier to hunt down work clothes on sale and you don’t need to worry about looking especially polished. — (Most of the pieces used in this outfit are on sale!!)


For the outfit shown, you can definitely opt out of wearing sneakers with this skirt. If you prefer a sandal or even a clean black mid-heel, that works too! That’s the great thing about knit/tasseled skirts – they go with any basic. If you feel uncomfortable wearing tanks at work, you can even replace the above with a short sleeved, crew neck t-shirt. This is an especially great outfit if you know you are going out for drinks after work! Just pop on a tinted lip color, throw on some heels and wam-bam you’re ready to go.


XO Rachel Meis Communications


Skirt – Tank – Jewelry  – Sneakers – Clutch


P.S. If you are looking for the perfect colored lip — Lipstick by Hot Makeup (Voyage or This Love would look g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s)