Weekly Links

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So once again… time for those weekly links we adore.

This week was absurdly filled with terrible news in the Media. Between the death of Joan Rivers to the scandal regarding Ravens player Ray Rice, we just can’t wrap our heads around it all! We had to fish for some happy videos and articles in order to stay sane! Below is the list:


My hero, Mindy Kaling gives us an important topic to talk about while making it ridiculously funny. 
Children can be a nightmare… but times like this make it all worth it. 
In case you were looking for something new to make…
In case you needed a desert option… 
A little something to make you fearful of the future… On the bright side, this confirms that we will be able to chop our hair at home and look perfectly “normal.”
But for now… We can thank the world for staying pretty.
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/31/celebrities-rose-lipstick-best-worst-beauty_n_5725988.html ​
And last but not least, some Man Repeller to end the post. 


Hope you enjoy!

XO Rachel Meis Communications