Weekly Wednesdays with Rachel: A PR girls inner circle

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A PR girls inner circle: Unlikely friends you should make sure to have

Making friends with stylists and celebrities is great, but below are some of the people who should really be on your speed dial.

UPS or Fedex guy: Just like you do not mess with people who prep your food, you want to become best friends with the guys who handle your mail.  They’ll let you know about discounts, the cheapest/best way to ship things and will most likely help you out when a shipment disaster arises (which will happen at some point).

Assistants: While you may feel the need to talk to industry heads, a lot of the time it is the assistants who are making the initial decisions.  Think of them as the gate keepers.  Be as nice to assistants as possible no matter how cold they might be at first.

Web developer/tech support: At some point your computer will crash or delete really important files and you want to make sure you have someone reliable to call on.