Weekly Wednesday’s With Rachel

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Ok, so my name doesn’t start with a W, but it’s the best I could come up with title wise at the moment.  I can’t harp to my clients about the importance of social media if I don’t keep mine up myself.  While I’ve been known to be a twitter-holic, my blogging has not been up to par recently.  So from now on I’ll be blogging on Wednesday’s.  We’ll cover everything from PR tips to what we have going on at RMC.  If you have any suggestions on articles you want to read send tips to info@rachelmeiscommunications.com

In The Bag: 7 things every PR hopeful should be toting around

My Bag: If I’m out at an event or doing something work related I always carry one of my client’s bags.  People notice first what you are wearing and it’s a great conversation starter to talk about my clients.

Glam: I’m not a big make up person, but I always carry the essentials (i.e., chap stick, mascara, powder, mirror and lots of extra hair ties).  Work can be unpredictable and you want to look your best.  Also, always carry band-aids.  True words of wisdom.

Accessories: Working with accessories you always have to be prepared.  I keep some of my favorite client pieces on me at all times so I can dress up or down.  My stash has come in handy many times from last minute events to sprucing up the all black wardrobe before a meeting.

Charge: I’m on my phone a lot so it dies.. a lot.  I have a car charger that also plugs into the wall, but for trips I carry an external battery with me.  A dead phone is not acceptable.

Take a note: ALWAYS have a pen and paper.  You can take notes on your phone if you want, but it looks nicer when you actually write it down.

Business cards:  Never leave home without them.

Mints: We talk a lot.  Our business is communication.  Bad breath is a no no.

Conversation Starter:  I don’t smoke cigarettes but I have been known to carry a lighter or a pack of cigarettes on me.  Remember when Rachel from Friends took up smoking to get in with her boss.  I’m not condoning taking up a bad habit, but you can make some great work connections in the smoker’s area.  Plus, offering a light is good karma.