Weekly Wednesday’s with Rachel: #NYFW vs #Grammys

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It’s the age old battle.

NY vs LA.

Right now my social media feed is full with comments from stylists, publicists and editors who are rushing to runways shows.  Honestly, I would give about anything to jump through my computer and join them, but instead I’m sitting here, at my desk, frantically replying to emails.  Why?  This Sunday is the Grammy’s and LA is getting ready.  The parties have started and little but slowly musicians and their entourages are checking into hotels along the Sunset Strip.

When I used to work at 944 the higher up execs were always blasting music.  Our office was open and there was no getting away from it.  I quickly got used to working with the noise and now it’s hard for me to work without it.  So in honor of the Grammys, and me sitting at my desk in email mode, below are five songs from 2012 Grammy nominated artists from my current office playlist plus three songs I can’t get out of my head.

Let me know what tunes you are rocking out to right now.  Always looking for something new to add to the list 🙂

Till next Wednesday! xx

Cee Lo Green- “Cry Baby”

Drake ft Rihanna- Take Care (Album Version)

Robyn- Hang with Me (Avicii Club Mix)

Amy Winehouse- “Valerie (Glee cover)” (ok so I like the Glee version, sue me!)

David Guetta ft Sia- “Titanium”


Outasight- “Tonight is the Night” 

Michael Jackson- “Human Nature (Glee cover)” (sorry, Glee again :-p, that show does a good job covering songs)

The Drums- “Let’s Go Surfing” (Thanks for introducing me to this band Cory)