PR Event Planning

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There are multiple ways to build a lifestyle image for your brand (including a strong social media presence, attending industry events, and a well developed website) but one key strategy that is often forgotten is event hosting. 


While posting pictures and managing an online presence is great, there is nothing like a good conversation and a yummy meal to remind people of why you are doing what you are doing. The best way to put is is… no one can represent your company better than you. You are the key holder so if you really want to get the show on the road, just start talking! Introduce yourself as a strong individual, wear what you are trying to promote and just remember not to over do it!


If you host an event, make sure you are having it some place where you are comfortable, have food/drinks that you know everyone will enjoy, and (most of all) invite people who you truly want to get to know. People sometimes forget that if you make the effort to get to know someone’s passions and interests, they will most likely reciprocate. That will give you a chance to talk about your business without giving the “salesman at your front door” feel.


Last thought… be positive. Sometimes it takes more than one event to really get the outcome you are looking for. But just remember, if you hold that positive attitude with strong conviction, people will catch on and they will be more than happy to support you.


We recently helped coordinate an event for our client, Tara Hirshberg and it turned out even better than imagined. Everyone was so supportive, the food was amazing, and the weather was perfect. Check out the images below and let me know what you think!

Before the flowers

Before the flowers arrived. Nothing better than an open dining room leading to outside. 

Made by Meg

Catering by – Made by Meg

Suja/ Loft & Bear

The yummiest Lemon & Vodka combo! (Even though the event was at 10:30 AM — *insert innocent emoji*) 


Jewelry displays showing Tara’s new collection. Set up by Tara, herself. 


“Girlpower” Dogma Tag gifted to all the attendees. 

final sit down

Final table arrangement! (Flowers were Burgundy Dahlia’s — Tara’s favorite.) 

XO Rachel Meis Communications