Spring Cleaning

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Can you believe it’s mid March?! What happened? Time has literally flown by in front of our eyes. Now it’s time to get down to business. Winter is no longer here, my friends. Time to put our chunky sweaters (and lazy habits) away and dust off our sincerely missed sandals.


Speaking of sandals, all of our Pinterest pages have been blowing up with new options for spring. Clothing, shoes, furniture – you name it, we’re re-pinning it. So to motivate all of you busy bees, here is a selection of RMC necessities for spring!


For those who aren’t experiencing warmer weather yet, I’m sorry… please don’t hate us.



1. Gypsy Moon Crystal Necklace 

2. Sun Protection

3. Perfect Pop-Over or Casual Button Down

4. For The Warmer Beach Days

5. Every Dancing Diva’s Dream

6. Egg Blue Heaven 

7. Swooning! 

8. Day or Night

9. The Perfect Dress for All 

10. Comfy Hangout Option



1. Long Lasting Lipstick 

2. Fun Eye Colors for Spring/Summer

3. All Over Goodness

4. 100% Worth It

5. Wakey Wakey! 


1. Simple Napkins for a Quick Spruce

2. To Add Some Light to Your Home

3. Spring Cleaning Essential

4. To Tuck Away The Little Things

5. Comfy and Cozy




XO Rachel Meis Communications