Borelli Design Photo Shoot with LaurieBStyle: Final Looks!

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The final looks are here!

This June RMC, LaurieBStyle, & Borelli Design collaborated for a fantastic photo + video shoot and an even more fantastic giveaway. After a day of fabulous summer looks and laughs on set; 3 killer summer looks were created, thanks to the super stylish Laurie Brucker, all with Borelli Design‘s scarves. See below!

Look #1: wrap skirt.

Take one side of your Borelli Design scarf and tuck it into one side of your bikini bottom, wrap it around you, then take both ends and twist (so a mini bow is formed), and finally tuck the scarf back into the backside of your bikini bottom.

Look #2:  full dress (two scarves).

First scarf: fold in half, then tuck one side into your bikini bottom (a la look #1), double wrap around you and then tuck back into the backside of your bikini bottom. Second scarf: (think halter top) wrap your Borelli scarf around you and tie a knot in the front, then take the two top pieces of your scarf and tie them around your neck.

Look #3: Grecian dress.

Take the edge of your Borelli scarf and tuck it into the top of your bikini, then wrap all the way around your body. Drape the remaining edge of your Borelli scarf over your shoulder (to create a one-shoulder dress) and then safety pin that edge to the back of the scarf.

Watch the whole tutorial here, and vote for your favorite look on our Facebook album by liking  your favorite look!