Happy Birthday America!

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The 4th of July used to mean more then bbq’s, booze and fireworks.  While I am all up for a reason to party, I think it’s important to remember what the 4th is about and show our pride to be a part of the USA.

For me, that has meant representing more lines that are “Made in the USA.”  My 4th of July wardrobe will consist of Borelli’s USA made, SPF 20 infused, anti-stink and water resistant scarves and Jane Basch Designs’ signet rings with an over 60 years Made In The USA stamp.  Maybe I’ll throw on some Misa Jewelry hand made in California bangles and since it’s Canada Day on the 1st maybe I’ll even throw on a few LivHaley stackable rings (the designers live in California and Toronto).

This 4th take a second to look where your wardrobe comes from.  Are you all American Apparel or a little more Made in China?  Be conscious about your fashion choices.

Happy Birthday America! ‘Til next year.