Weekly Wednesday’s with Rachel: Kill Em With Kindness

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It’s the small things that make the biggest difference.  For example, do you remember the last time you got mail?  No, not a bill or a catalogue, but ACTUAL mail, like a letter?  How good it felt when you opened up the mail box and that little letter was looking back at you? The excitement as you tore it open?

Fill your life with little moments like this.

Say thank you, offer to take a friend for coffee if they had a bad day, or put a few extra coins in the meter.

If you think it will make a difference in your everyday life, think about the difference it will make in your work life.  Tell your employees you appreciate them, write thank you notes when someone does something nice, and send flowers to commemorate a big accomplishment.  Odds are not only will you make someones day, but you will be the only person to do anything at all.  That will stand out and as people get higher up in business they are able to choose the people they work with and tend to choose those who were a pleasure to know.  Think long term when interacting with people.  You never know where they will end up.  It’s always best not to burn any bridges.

Till next week.