Weekly Wednesday’s with Rachel: Instinct

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Before you can discuss a word.  You need to define it.  So what is the definition of instinct?  Well, the Merriam-Webster dictionary says that instinct when used as a noun is “a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity.”  As an adjective it means “behavior that is mediated by reactions below a conscious level.”

Let’s use an example of the word as an adjective.  My co-worker’s daughter already has an instinct for expensive cars.  She refuses to play with keys that are not BMW or Mercedes.  So what?  What is the issue with that, right?  She’s 2.  She doesn’t know the difference between a Jeep or a Bentley, but for some reason deep down she knows that BMW keys are much more exciting then Toyota keys.  So much so that she cries when you give her the latter.  Now, she is only 2, so we don’t know what that means in the long haul, but all I know is I feel bad for her folks when it’s time for her first car.

All kidding aside, instinct is a word that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

Street smarts.  Style. Business skills.  All of these are things that you either have a knack for or you don’t.  Yes some skills can be learned over time, but then that classifies as experience.  So which do you prefer, instinct or experience?  You could argue both, but if you had to pick one, which would you choose?

For me it’s instinct.  In PR you have to have good instinct’s.  I am in no way saying go out and hire the first girl who has real business smart’s, but has no experience.  All I’m saying is don’t throw her in the no pile before you give her a shot.  This industry is cut throat and you have to trust your gut.  Every situation is different and while my experience has played an important role in where I am today; my drive, passion and understanding of this business is what has gotten me to this point.

So which would you choose?  Ask around.  Get some fun conversation’s going during your Easter or Passover meals this weekend.  Then send me your answers to info@rachelmeiscommunications.com, because I’d be interested to hear what people say.

Either way, have a great week!