Weekly Wednesday’s with Rachel: You Were A College Student Once Too

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One of my college professors was Bob Rucker, Former CNN Correspondent, Fmr. TV News Anchor/Reporter and Medical Correspondent.  Bob was a REALLY hard teacher.  The kind of guy who made you want to hide in a corner when he asked you a question, but he made you work hard.  If you could pass Bob’s class you could do anything.  I’ll save you having to take a course with Bob and instead give you some of his wise advice that I still use today.

I forget why, but we had to reach out to industry professionals for something.  Bob suggested that we all focus really hard on the subject line to our emails.  If the subject line wasn’t good, how could we expect them to open the email, or at the very less get a response.  His line of choice: “You Were A College Student Once Too.”  It’s relatable, it’s interesting, and it’s to the point.  It also worked for me.  I actually got one of my first jobs using this line in an email.  Now whenever I write emails (which I do A LOT at work) I think back to “You Were A College Student Once Too.”

Some lines that have worked: “New Clients,” “Look (And Size) For Less,” “Just Left You A Voicemail,” “Pieces I Think You Will Like,” and “Question.”

Sorry, you can’t expect me to give you all my good ones 🙂

Till next week!!! xoxo Rachel