Weekly Wednesday’s With Rachel: 3 blogs to follow

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Happy Leap Year!  You think the extra day would have been helpful to catch up on work, but nope.  Things were just as busy as usual.

So first, a quick update.

Last weekend I found out that I was going to be published in a book.  Crosby Noricks, who created the blog/site PR Couture, wrote a PR guide to getting into the PR Industry.  The book is filled with quotes from professionals and my quote made print.  (woo hoo!)  I am #7 on page 52  for “10 ways to land your first fashion PR job.”  The book is available on Amazon.  If you have any interest in PR, I definitely recommend this book.

Monday I spoke with some possible new clients (so exciting!) and dropped off some pieces at The Grove for EXTRA.  I also heard from a TV show I sent pieces to over the weekend for wardrobe, which would be a great placement, so fingers crossed.

Yesterday was an avalanche of emails and phone calls.  Then later that night was the Refinery29 event with Brenna Egan at the Roger Room.  I went with my assistant Cory and we had fun hanging out with Brenna and meeting some new industry insiders.  We even took some street style pictures.  If they make the site I promise I’ll share.

I guess the point of recapping my week so far is that I realized this week that I’ve been talking to a lot of people I admire.  So with that comes the inspiration for the blog this week: 3 blogs I read.

BLOG #1: http://www.prcouture.com/ I’ve been a PR Couture follower for years.  I avidly read it in college and I still read it now.  It’s full of insider tips and insight that you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to listen to.

BLOG #2: http://www.lecatch.com/ This is Marlien Rentmeester’s new blog.  Marlien is the West Coast Editor for Lucky Magazine. Marlien has an eye for style and mixing high and low end pieces effortlessly.  Every day Marlien scours the internet and then posts about a new desirable (and affordable) bound to sell out item that you would be crazy not to buy.  Can you see why I’m hooked?

Blog #3: http://stylesovereign.com/ Cayli Cavaco’s blog.  Cayli has contributed to Allure, C Magazine, Domino, Elle Decor, Elle Accessories, House and Gardner, Seventeen and Teen Vogue (just to name a few).  Her eye for style is impeccable and the insight she has into the industry is insane.  Her posts are a mix of what inspires her and what she has going on.

So there you have it.  A blog to cover business, a blog to cover a bargain, and a blog to cover beautiful style.  I think we’ve covered all our basics.

Till next week!