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It’s always interesting getting everyone’s opinion on what Public Relations really is. Most of the time you will get an answer that is partially correct, but never have I gotten a spot on response. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but for the most part it’s intriguing. The industry we work in is so exclusive and composed of different variations that Public Relations has almost been turned into a career that can be customized for almost any purpose. This is great, but can be hard when explaining the “industry standards.”


Known as the “socialites” industry, Public Relations is ultimately just that. Finding ways to create in depth relations with the public (a.k.a. consumers) to build a sense of brand loyalty. Results? Builds to higher sales, and a greater reputation (hopefully.) But building these relations are actually really hard and little does one know that in order to connect with the public you have to make “private relations.” You have to become friends with other industry  leaders that have been around for years, which sounds luxurious but is far from it. It takes guts, initiative and creativity. By creativity I don’t mean in a design sense… I mean in a composing an average email into something that someone would actually want to open AND READ IT, sense.


Yes. People open emails and have the choice to read them or not…Hundreds of emails go unread at large corporations, which is extremely frustrating. For smaller firms, like us, it’s all about grabbing their attention, holding it and offering something that makes it worth while – whether that’s the best product you have in office or just an invitation to a free drink. This also means, as a small firm, you had to decide what your willing to offer to these large industry leaders. Don’t over extend yourself, and make sure whatever you offer isn’t going to cost you respect and integrity. If you immediately feel discomfort in offering a contact a deal then do not go through with and tell them! Communication is key. And yes, I say that in a relationship sense because PR is quite intimate. At some point, everyone is seen at their worst because you never sleep in this industry. You want to know the first thing I do when I wake up? I read my emails! Yes read… no email goes unread. #nooneleftbehind


Point of the story is , if you are thinking of entering Public Relations please make sure you are up for the struggle. It’s a tough industry and believe it or not, it’s filled with math, creativity, and cranky sleep deprived, hardworking people who hold strong intentions to rule the world, rightfully so.


XO Rachel Meis Communications


P.S. In case you were wondering, PR’s detailed definition is below.


the actions of a corporation, store, government,individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees,customers, etc.

the art, technique, or profession of promoting such goodwill.