The RMC Closet

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Right now we have about 15 clients – all amazingly different in their own way. All reaching from different parts of the globe, they resemble the surroundings where they originate from. Just looking back at all the RMC Closet posts we have done so far, it is easy to identify which parts of the magical United States they began from. Sure many can argue which is more beautiful, but all can agree that the surroundings/origination of the designer can affect the character of the over all jewelry line immensely.

Take Eleanor Kalle for example – the two designers are both deeply inspired by the ruggedness of New York City, leading them to use materials like unpolished silver. The small details in the pieces are just as complex as the person wearing the jewelry. Look at the outfit above – the clothes are rather ordinary. I’m sure you have seen bits and pieces of it before but the one thing that differentiates the girl wearing this from the rest are those Eleanor Kalle pieces screaming edge and confidence.

Go ahead. Try telling me that you wouldn’t wear those pieces on a day when you need a boost of confidence. Just try.

XO Rachel Meis Communications

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