Happy Thanksgiving!

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There is no better time in the year to reflect on what is most important to you than Thanksgiving.
Of course, there are the handful of awkward family scenarios that make the holiday season really something to remember!
One scenario, that you may find yourself in this Thanksgiving, is meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family for the first time. Well I took it upon myself to share with you some tips on how to accessorize for this occasion so that you can check this worry off your list!
1) Simplicity is key. You want your personality to stand out, not those overbearing dangly earrings.
2) Don’t wear anything too edgy or too trendy. Let’s not scare away the parents the first time by wearing anything spiked, leather, or lace.
3) Keep your outfit simple and wear jewelry that reflects your style and personality. Don’t shy away from who you are to impress the in-laws.  Wear some color or a unique piece as a reminder to stay true to yourself, because I guarantee that’s why your man/woman brought you home to meet the family in the first place!
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