The RMC Closet

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I must say, and this is an extremely bold statement to make, that Boyfriend jeans are the best denim creation of all time. Think about it. They are the jean version of sweat pants! No clinging, never too tight, make’s your tummy feel skinnier… just heavenly. The only thing that comes remotely close to that type of greatness is cashmere socks. They are like mini rabbits around your feet.


Depending on what coast you originate from, you can either hate or love cold weather but regardless, I’m sure most people can admit, these are two things that are deeply loved essentials. Equally as loved as our petite jewelry pieces that we can’t leave the house without. Looking back, my life was just so empty before my first petite necklace. Funny enough that petite essential that I stay loyal to everyday is the same one pictured above. Sure, mine isn’t encrusted with petite white diamonds but man, I wish it was.


XO Rachel Meis Communications


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