Must-Have Packing List for Coachella

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We all know that besides the stellar music scene, Coachella is a fashion hotspot.  What’s the key to packing for Coachella? Pack light, and choose pieces that are versatile, and chic.

1)   Heather Gardner’s Earth Elements Necklace 

I mean come on…the name of this necklace alone…Soooo Coachella! It is important to not look like your trying too hard. AKA: no kitschy hippie or punk rocker looks. Instead of looking like you went to the hippie section of your costume store, embrace your Boho side with a less contrived and gorgeous feather necklace. Wear this piece as a headband or wrap it around your wrist to switch it up.









2)   Heather Gardner’s Turquoise Feather and Tusk Earrings 


These funky and fun statement earrings can also be worn as a hair clip and embody the spirit of Coachella.





3)   RockLove Jewelry’s Rubber Industrial Wrap Bracelet 

If you are going for a more punk, gothic vibe this unisex wrap bracelet is the perfect piece for you. Feel free to steal this bracelet around with your boyfriend or try wearing it as a choker to give new life to this jewelry piece. Oh, and its eco friendly. Nothing is more rock n’ roll than taking care of your planet!




4) Borelli Scarf 

The fashion competition is fierce and the heat is fiercer. You won’t believe what you are about to read but Borelli scarves actually have SPF 20 in them! They also adjust to your body temperature, wick away sweat and water, and are anti-stink. They can be worn several ways, so you can rock this one piece as a skirt or headpiece during the day and as a scarf at night. This means you will have more room in your suitcase to bring back LP’s and T- shirts from those new cool bands your discovered.


5)   Austin Yarn Company’s Bow Clutch

 The BAG! It is so important to have the right bag as you squeeze through crowds to get closer to the stage and dance to your favorite song. Low and behold…the bow clutch, in all its eco friendly glory. This clutch can be worn on your forearm, allowing you to dance freely without worrying about your possessions flailing out of your bag or having to tone down that arm swaying that is your signature move.